Friday, June 3, 2011

Review of "Becoming an Indie Author"

I found Smart Self-Publishing exceptionally helpful. The title is deceptive, because I think it even has some decent advice for people planning to submit to publishers, those already published, and those are just aren't sure.

Winters takes a "stop the whining" attitude and it is thoroughly refreshing. She doesn't try coddling authors and doesn't waste the reader's time giving pep talks. Instead, she outlines the work involved and the choices you the author need to make. She tells her own experiences and choices, and shares her mistakes and lessons.

It's a must read if you aren't sure about self-publishing or if you know you want to and don't know how to start. I'd also recommend it for anyone interested in self-publishing their backlist or who has been for a while but are still struggling with the business end of things.

At $3.95 (Amazon price), it's a sweet deal.

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